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with Olympian Stephen Schumann and Off The Mountain

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Endurance training

for cyclists, mountain bikers, trail runners, swimmers, nordic skiers, triathletes, and others.

100 Year Athlete 

programming in-person or online to improve your strength, speed, power, and mobility.

Mobile apps

to record your workouts, communicate with your coaches, and track progress over time.

Let’s say you have a tough endurance race this year. Would you rather


A) Limp across the finish line in pain? Or...
B) Perform and feel your best?  
If B sounds more appealing, sign up for endurance coaching with Nordic Combined Olympian Stephen Schumann and Off The Mountain. We’ll help you get the most efficiency and mileage out of your body.
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World-class endurance coaching 

+ Longevity-based fitness 

= Lifelong mountain athletes


1. Who is endurance coaching for?

Endurance athletes of all ages and levels aiming to level up their performance and race results and enjoy their sport to the fullest.

2. Why Stephen Schumann?

Stephen represented the United States in Nordic Combined at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing and has competed worldwide for eight years. He is one of the fastest athletes in his sport and a true endurance junkie versed in the most cutting-edge and effective training methods. Born and raised in Park City, Stephen is also a runner, mountain biker, road cyclist, and climber.

3. Why Off The Mountain?

Park City-based Off The Mountain trains athletes in the 100 Year Athlete program, a longevity-based approach to fitness. The coaches work regularly with endurance athletes who put a ton of mileage on their bodies. If you want to go long distances in the mountains without pain and injury, 100 Year Athlete is the way to go. Just ask Stephen--he's trained with us for 3 years.  

4. How is this offering different from other endurance programs?

We combine world-class endurance coaching and longevity-based fitness programming in one package made for lifelong mountain athletes.


Training Packages:


Pro | $500 /month

  • Monthly programming covering general load, threshold, and high-intensity.
  • Daily feedback sessions with Stephen.
  • Programming customized to your weekly schedule.
  • TrainingPeaks Premium for in-depth analysis of progress.¬†
  • 100 Year Athlete Custom Program
  • Upgrade: Monthly kickoff sessions with 100YA coach for $100/month¬†or¬†bimonthly kickoff for $199/month (both discounted $50).¬†Train in person for $200/month upgrade (also $50 off).

Base | $300 /month

  • Monthly programming covering general load, threshold, and high-intensity.
  • Biweekly communication to review and optimize training plan.¬†
  • 100 Year Athlete 2x/week online.
  • TrainingPeaks Basic app for workout and progress tracking.¬†
  • Upgrade: Do 100YA in-person for $200/month ($50 off)

Self-Guided | $100

  • 12 weeks of endurance training
  • 6¬†plans / 3 difficulty levels available.
  • Upgrade: Get¬†100YA online for¬†$75/month (25% off)

Optional add-ons include:

  • Functional Range Assessment (FRA) and custom mobility program.¬†
  • Nutrition coaching and meal planning.
  • Private training and personalized gym work with Off The Mountain.

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