At Off The Mountain,
we train people for life-changing mountain adventures.

Our mission is to create a community of athletes who will play on mountains into their 100s. 

As strength coaches and mountain athletes based in Park City, UT, we plan to ski, board, climb, bike, run, and hike into our twilight years – and we want you out there with us.  

Our approach to training ageless athletes rest on three principles: 

Evidence-Based Training

We draw on scientific studies, rigorously tested training methodologies, and experience with mountain athletes to design our programs. Everything we do in the gym has a purpose.

Train to Last, Not to Break

Getting your sweat on feels great, but going “hard” every day in the gym is a recipe for pain, injury, and retirement at a bingo table. We help you balance training and recovery to achieve longevity.

Adventure at Every Age

To train our best, we need motivation – new trips, peaks, races, and trails that remind us of why we love mountain sports. We encourage our athletes to keep checking off those bucket-list adventures. In this community, we train for a lifetime of adventure, one mission at a time.

Our Team


Ben Van Treese

Ben is the Founder of OTM and an expert on injury prevention and training for longevity in mountain sports. His approach starts with the joint health and mobility athletes need to perform their sport with technical precision and safety. He has worked with Olympic athletes and X Games competitors as well as professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, and NHL. He is the author of A Cyclists Guide To Back Pain: Why Stretching Won't Work And What To Do Instead.
Ben earned a BS in Human Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Ohio State University and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS®) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He has 15 years of experience in the field and is interested in the balance between performance and staying power in the mountains. These days, Ben is an accomplished rock climber (for a big dude) and chases fresh powder all over the Wasatch. 
Born in Ohio, Ben grew up in a family of professional water skiers. His mother, a national champion several times over, raised Ben around elite coaches who fueled his interest in the power of training. By the end of college, though, Ben’s spine was fried from too many water skiing wrecks. That’s when he discovered Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), which not only enabled him to return to sport but motivated him to train people for longevity, not just short-term performance.

Alex Wetmore, PhD

Director of Coaching

Dr. Alex Wetmore is perhaps the only Sport Physiology and Performance PhD who milks cows on his ranch in the morning and trains World Cup athletes in the afternoons. A globally recognized expert in developing athleticism, Alex has coached professional and Olympic athletes. He has also presented his research at national and international conferences for strength and conditioning.
Before joining OTM, Alex served as Academy Head of Performance for Real Salt Lake and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Westminster College. He also coached at D1 East Tennessee State University and its US Olympic training site. 
Born in Indiana, Alex grew up in the football world and ultimately played defensive end at Marian University Indianapolis. When Alex isn’t caring for livestock, he’s most likely riding horses, skiing, or fly fishing.

Nathan Payne

Head of Private Training 

Nathan has served as a Strength Coach at OTM since 2020 and trains athletes of all ages and backgrounds. Mostly raised in Park City, he grew up practicing gymnastics and free skiing. After a few too many head injuries in the terrain park, he took a 10-year hiatus to pursue safer sports—like rock climbing, mountaineering, and wrestling.  
Today, Nathan is passionate about helping athletes overcome injuries, develop mobility, and train for a lifetime of mountain adventures. He values collaboration in the outdoors and celebrates the fact that no matter what’s happening in the world, we can all have moments of Zen in the mountains.  
Nathan holds multiple certifications with Functional Range Systems (FRC and FRSC). He is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Sports Nutrition Coach. In addition to coaching at OTM, Nathan serves as a coach for Park City Ski & Snowboard (PCSS), where he teaches young guns to land on their skis instead of their heads.


Ashley Davis

Strength Coach

Ashley started as OTM’s first-ever intern, got tossed into the deep end, and swam right into a coaching role. Today, she leads private, semi-private, and group training sessions with her trademark chill and uplifting style. She is passionate about helping people live a healthier lifestyle without becoming uber-intense health nuts. 
A mountain athlete, Ashley grew up camping, skiing, canoeing, and summiting peaks in Washington’s Cascade Range. The sixth of eight kids, she had to keep up with two older sisters and three older brothers who were all Eagle Scouts. Passionate about training and healthy living, Ashley earned her bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Wellness from Brigham Young University.
These days, Ashley and her husband are into skiing and technical mountaineering. They recently summited Mt. Hood and plan to start bagging more peaks. 

Sara Mitton 

Strength Coach

Sara offers personal and small group training at OTM. She excels at creating an environment in which clients feel safe, supported, and heard. For Sara, the gym is where athletes not only reach their goals but also discover that they’re stronger and more capable than they have ever believed.
Raised in Bountiful, Utah, Sara became passionate about weightlifting in college. While earning a B.S. in Kinesiology at Utah State University, Sara taught weightlifting classes for fellow students who were new to the gym. That rewarding experience cemented her decision to become a strength coach.   
A recreational volleyball player and runner, Sara aims to develop more athleticism and mobility in her own training. Outside of OTM, she is striving to master sourdough bread – her starter’s name is Ronda.