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Strength training that keeps you in the mountains

Helping ageless athletes create bodies that can support the way they play. Let us teach you how to build joints that can handle how you live so that you can charge hard and have fun without hurting afterwards.
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Brian Birchler

Training with Off the Mountain has been the best investment I have ever made in my body and my happiness. OTM is outstanding. I am an avid mountain biker and general mountain athlete. In the past few years low back and hip problems began to negatively impact how I engaged with my sports. They put together a program that brought flexibility and core strength back into my life in a way I would not have imagined possible. The coaches are really good at identifying where you have bad motion patterns and helping your body "rewire" itself to move more effectively. This spring has been my first time on the bike after a winter with OTM, and I have been marveling at how much more endurance and power I have on descent. I can lay down acceleration when I need to and can absorb hits from jumps better than I have in years. Bobsled trail has never been more fun. For me, it's been a process, and Ben is always joking how my body responds "more slowly than the average person," so as someone who has always grappled with an uncooperative body, I can promise you that if you trust OTM and put in the time you will not regret it. 

Richard Ellis

Off the Mountain is the most talented group of coaches I have ever worked with, and one of the best investments you can make in your physical health and athletic abilities. A few things differentiate OTM's approach:

1) OTM evaluates your joint health and mobility rigorously before designing your program. They also ask smart questions about your sports and training goals. Every exercise in your program will have a purpose.
2) OTM coaches have an incredible eye for technique. They will teach you to do your exercises properly and safely.
3) They use an awesome smartphone app to assign your programs and hold you accountable to them. They attach videos so that you can review the movements when you're training at home or on the road.

Thanks to Off the Mountain, I've never felt stronger on my mountain bike and snowboard. We're lucky to have them here in Park City.


Jay Burke

Founder/Race Director Park City Point 2 Point

Ben and the Off-the-Mountain team are fantastic at what they do.

I'm over 50 and still really aggressive with my "on-the-mountain" sports, primarily alpine skiing/touring and mountain bike riding/racing. It is essential to put myself in the best position to feel good during and after these high-impact activities.

I've been working with OTM for three years, and I'm thrilled with the results, but mostly with their approach. It probably comes as no surprise, but as an older athlete, it takes longer to recover and heal from Injuries (recovery being the big one). Ben and the team help "ageless athletes" create bodies that can support the way we play. Let them teach you how to build solid and functional joints that can handle hard-charging outdoor fun without hurting afterward. I can nearly assure you will have way more fun during your next pow day or trail running race because you're strong and confident in your abilities. If you focus and commit, the programming works. At an age group, national-level mountain bike race last fall, I was riding out of my mind - I reported back to Ben that I felt a bit guilty like I was cheating almost and should let the other riders in on the secret sauce (But I didn't, ha).