About Off the Mountain

Off The Mountain uses evidence-based methodologies and private instruction to help athletes achieve peak fitness, longevity, and resilience. The personal training community often ignores the wealth of scientific studies on strength and conditioning. Rather than accept old myths and habits, Ben seeks out the most rigorously tested training methodologies.
Ongoing study and education are core values at Off The Mountain. Ben believes that he and his team must learn from the best researchers in health and wellness to the offer the best experience and results.
Every athlete walks into the gym with different strengths, weaknesses, and experiences. For men and women over 50, being safe and mitigating the risk of injuries are critical. High-impact, risky exercises are often inappropriate for older adults. In a personal training setting, we can adapt each workout to the individual.
Personal training is not just about being “pushed” hard. It is about aligning specific goals with the most effective training, maintenance, and self-care techniques.

About our Coaches

Ben Van Treese, CSCS

Ben is an avid climber and outdoorsman. He has experience training people of all ages and backgrounds and has a passion for enabling others to play in the mountains.


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Palmer Page, CSCS

Palmer is a Utah native, spending the majority of his life in the mountains and on the baseball field. He is an avid snowboarder and has experience climbing in the Tetons.

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Nate Payne, CPT

Nathan is a climber from a family of climbers. He grew up climbing in the Tetons, the Wind Rivers, and in mountains all across the western united states. He has a background in freestyle skiing and instructing adaptive skiing, surfing, kayaking, SUPing and climbing. 


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Dani Bunting, CPT 

Dani spent most of her childhood on the ice as an ice hockey player. She is an avid skier and hiker with a passion for helping other achieve their goals. 


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