At Off The Mountain,
we train people for life-changing mountain adventures.

Our mission is to create a community of athletes who will play on mountains into their 100s. 

As strength coaches and mountain athletes based in Park City, UT, we plan to ski, board, climb, bike, run, and hike into our twilight years – and we want you out there with us.  

Our approach to training ageless athletes rest on three principles: 

Evidence-Based Training

We draw on scientific studies, rigorously tested training methodologies, and experience with mountain athletes to design our programs. Everything we do in the gym has a purpose.

Train to Last, Not to Break

Getting your sweat on feels great, but going “hard” every day in the gym is a recipe for pain, injury, and retirement at a bingo table. We help you balance training and recovery to achieve longevity.

Adventure at Every Age

To train our best, we need motivation – new trips, peaks, races, and trails that remind us of why we love mountain sports. We encourage our athletes to keep checking off those bucket-list adventures. In this community, we train for a lifetime of adventure, one mission at a time.

Ben Van Treese


Ben is an avid climber and outdoorsman.

He has experience training people of all ages and backgrounds and has a passion for enabling others to play in the mountains.

Our Team


We have a professional team of trainers who are all avid outdoors.

Palmer is a Utah native, spending the majority of his life in the mountains and on the baseball field. He is an avid snowboarder and has experience climbing in the Tetons.
Nathan is a climber from a family of climbers. He grew up climbing in the Tetons, the Wind Rivers, and in mountains all across the western united states. He has a background in freestyle skiing and instructing adaptive skiing, surfing, kayaking, SUPing and climbing. 
Dani spent most of her childhood on the ice as an ice hockey player. She is an avid skier and hiker with a passion for helping other achieve their goals. 



"Kinstretch class particular helps me joint moving. My hips work better, and I hike with my girlfriends and do all the fun things without feeling like my body is not working."

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