Park City Legends

Training is just as important at 65 as it is at 40. Join us twice a week to keep your body mobile and strong to enjoy your favorite activities in the mountains. 

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"I’ve gone to gyms for years and used personal trainers trying to stay strong and ward off aging. That’s when I found the Legends of Park City class.  Wow, what a difference it makes to have trainers who know (and care) about AGING, mobility, adapting to injuries and issues we have from sports and life as well as increasing strength and stamina.   With OTM’s help I’ve become a stronger skier using my core to my advantage. I’ve also shaved over 3 strokes from my golf handicap to a 16 by having better control of my swing turn and actually MAKING a turn in the swing. I totally enjoy working out with people who are not competing but having a fun time together getting stronger. They adapt every move to what your issues are.  They shakes it up so you don’t get bored and make you groan and then laugh when you see an exercise you aren’t crazy about coming on the list. You improve by upping your weights sensibly. This is one exercise class I want to go to and hate to miss, unless I’m skiing or playing golf and using everything I’ve worked on to get better as I get older."
-Michelle McNair, PC Legend