What would it take to be active in the mountains until the day you die? If at age 100 you wanted to hike to alpine lake with your grandchildren, ski groomers with your buddies, or pedal a double-track, how would we start training for that now? 

Although our body will eventually decline, we can set ourselves up for a high quality of life in our later years. To create the Centenarian Athlete program, we backcasted from age 100 to age 30. We drew on research from Dr. Peter Attia and, David Sinclair to understand the science of longevity and challenges inherent to aging. We provide the age-specific training you play on mountains throughout

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Age-specific programming geared towards maximum fun and longevity

What we work on

  • Muscle Mass. The most important thing for mobility and metabolic health is the amount and the quality of your muscular tissues.
  • Strength. You must be strong enough to ski, board, climb, bike, run, and hike. Strength enables you to trip and catch yourself. To fall and get back up. To bounce, not break.
  • Healthy Joints. Your knees, hips, back, shoulders, and neck need to work well enough for mountain sports. For most athletes, pain stems from unhealthy joints. 
  • Stability. Uneven surfaces, hidden obstacles, and surprise conditions are part of every mountain sport. Stability enables you to stay upright, balanced, and in control.
  • Cardiovascular Health. Low End. High End